Who We Are

Alsea Valley Gleaners

1993 to Present

The Alsea Valley Gleaners have been part of this community since 1993. The Alsea Valley Gleaners first operated under the South Benton Gleaners for five years from 1993-1998. We became our own 501(c) 3 organization February 2, 1998.


Our purpose is to provide food, firewood, and assistance to low income women and children, the elderly, and the disabled living in the Alsea Valley, Five Rivers, Tide Water, and surrounding areas, who meet our income guide lines. This cooperation is organized exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of the 501(c) 3 Internal Revenue Code.



The name stems from a biblical reference in the Book of Ruth of gleaning -gathering the grain left in the field by the reapers. It would be the symbol for turning the problem of food waste into a solution for hunger.  Gleaning is a two-thousand-year-old tradition of farmers leaving a portion of their crop in the field to be harvested by those who needed it. Now we harvest what the farmers were unable to.


The people involved in the Alsea Valley Gleaners follow the philosophy that everyone works together for the group instead of individuals for themselves.  Everyone has a task and no one’s task is more or less important than anyone else’s. If we do what is good for the group, then it is good for every individual.  No one is asked to give more than they are able.  People are made aware of their responsibilities before they join the group.


To join the Alsea Valley Gleaners the requirements are that your income is 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, self-verified, and that you meet the weekly participation requirements listed in the bylaws.  If you are physically or mentally unable to do so, and there is not another adult in the household, then you can request to join as an adoptee.