Thank You to our Donors

Donors have helped AVG over the years with many donations that have made a profound difference in the lives of our members.  We deeply appreciate the help and support in this area, and are especially grateful for those companies who have setup consistent scheduled donation times on an ongoing basis. Without the help and support from companies like these AVG would not be successful.

Thursday weekly scheduled donations.



The food you support AVG with has become a source of peace and stability for many of our members.
Gathering Together Farms

Gathering Together Farms (GTF)

The donations received weekly from you have made an amazing impact in the local community.

Wednesday weekly scheduled donations.

Trader Joe’s

Your weekly donations of both food and other items to the Gleaners have made a huge difference in our ability to help those in need.

First Alternative Co-op

The consistent and reliable donations your company has made available to AVG have impacted the lives of most of our members, who are grateful for your generosity.

Benefactors on personalized donation schedules.

Wood Castle

Wood Castle donates wood to the Gleaners for processing into furniture and firewood.

Lupe Code

Lupe Code of Alsea donates the web server to run on the internet. Without them we would not have this website. We appreciate the continued time and money donated each month to support us in this way.