Who is a Gleaner?

Alsea Valley Gleaner Member Households:

  • Located within 30 miles of AVG’s distribution site in Alsea, OR.
  • Meet the 2022 income guidelines set forth for gleaning organizations.
  • Have at least one adult physically able to volunteer. An adult is of working age 18 or older. (All who are living at the address in the application are counted as gleaners.)
  • Encouraged to seek out food resources and gleans for the organization.
  • Are willing to volunteer for gleans, distribution, adoptees and fundraising. Gleaners are expected to share 50% of their field glean with adoptees.
  • Perform a minimum of five (5) service hours per month to AVG (see 1.4.)
  • Encouraged to make a shared membership contribution (SMC), but are not turned away for not doing so.
  • Children of a minor age (12-17) may be considered to volunteer under approved adult supervision.
  • Welcome to attend all Board and membership meetings and vote in AVG elections.
  • Discuss any concerns with appropriate Board members or by filing a grievance.