Meet The Board

The Alsea Valley Gleaners board is made up of 10 positions which are filled by bi-annual membership voting. Half of the board gets voted on each year. On even years voting occurs for the positions of Executive Director, Secretary, Board Member 2, and Board Member 4. On odd years the Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, Treasurer, Board Member 1, and Board Member 3 positions go on the ballot.

The election process happens in three stages: members nominate other members, a board appointed committee verifies eligibility for the nominees, then the final list for each position is presented to the members for a simple majority vote on each position.

Executive Director

Gina Spain-Ireland

12/2021 – present : AVG Executive Director


Alicia Ulm

Biography Pending…


Position Not Filled

Assistant Coordinator

Mirium Ulm

Biography Pending…


John Winterbourne

Biography Pending…

Board Member 1

Amber Winterbourne

Biography Pending…

Board Member 2

Karian Lamberson

Biography Pending…

Board Member 3

Rachel Byers

Biography Pending…

Board Member 4

Sanda Goad

Biography Pending…

Volunteer Representative

Allison Guenther

Biography Pending…