Who Are Adoptees

An Adoptee Household

“A household where no adult member is either physically or mentally capable of performing the gleaning groups hours of required service.”

Adults being defined as those who have attained the age of 18 or are not longer enrolled or eligible for high school.

Additional consideration for adoptee status should be given to:

  1. Families with children
  2. Full time caregivers
  3. Single parent households
  4. Accident which render family member home bound


  • Understands and accepts the rules and responsibilities of the gleaning program
  • Are encouraged to participate whenever they possibly can
  • Attend group meetings whenever possible
  • Know who your coordinator is
  • If someone joins your household who does not meet the description of adoptee, that you will contact your coordinator immediately. You household may be converted to a gleaning status.
  • Must not participate in or promote gossip, complaining, or any other negative interactions. Always go to your coordinator and discuss concerns you have so that they can be worked out in a productive way.
  • You are an active voting member of a group; it is in your best interest to be aware of group policies and procedures.


I understand that being an adoptee of a gleaning group does not mean that your food box will be delivered to you. A family member, caregiver or volunteer may pick up your box for you if you are not able.  If you have no way to pick up, please speak with your coordinator.