Policies and Procedures

A copy of the policies and procedures written in accordance with the AVG bylaws. If you have questions about membership, distribution, gleaning, Board elections, service hours, how to file a grievance, etc, you’ll find the answers in this document.

Click here to access Policies and Procedures (updated February 2023)


The Alsea Valley Gleaners Bylaws. AVG is a 501c3 corporation and is bound by the laws and regulations pertaining to such. This document details the official purpose of the corporation, how leaders are chosen, grievances handled, amendments made, and other such details that are required of a 501c3 corporation. These bylaws were last approved by the board and membership June 2022.

Click here to access Bylaws (updated June 2022)


The gleaners assets have been tracked since 2016 when AVG first starting gaining longer term assets. Here is a static listing of them last updated November of 2021 and provided as an editable Microsoft Excel .XLSX file.

Assets XLSX – Editable

Waste Agreement

Both members and non-members are eligible to take waste food that AVG is unable to distribute to members. This food is generally taken by individuals or farmers who wish to use it as animal feed or mulch for their gardens. If you wish to participate in this program taking this food, then please fill out and submit this form.

It is provided as both a printable PDF, and a fillable Microsoft Word .DOCX file.

Application PDF – Printable
Application DOCX – Fillable