Who are the Alsea Valley Gleaners?

The Alsea Valley Gleaners is a self-help organization designed to let able body people volunteer and help elderly and disabled in our community while helping to put food on the table for their families.

What is gleaning?

Gleaning is a community effort that is a nutrition and self-help program for low income families and individuals.

Who can join a Gleaners organization?

Any household that is less than 300% above the poverty line. Self-verification is all that is required. Members need to agree to and follow bylaws that set forth participation requirements.  If you qualify but cannot participate then you may be able to join as an adoptee.

What is an adoptee?

Individuals or households in which no adult member is either physically and/or mentally capable of performing the group’s hours of required service. (Adults = those who have attained the age of 18 or who are no longer enrolled or eligible for high school.)

How are gleaner organizations run?

That depends on the bylaws that each organization writes and is agreed upon by the membership.

Can I still get food if I don’t contribute any money?

Yes.  It is against the law for a gleaner organization to deny a member food if they cannot pay any type of dues.  But they can be removed as a member if they do not perform the agreed upon participation requirement.

Does AVG own the land it is operating on?

No, AVG relies on the generosity of Benton County for its distribution center. Benton County retains the right to repurpose their land with a 30 day notice to AVG.